001 005Rudi Biber, born in Vienna, Austria, became a plumber (not "Joe the Plumber") at his father's business, but was always attracted to music – especially to his favorite instrument – the guitar. Early on, he taught himself; later he mastered the instrument at music school in Vienna. At the age of 11 he formed his first band, "The Teenbeats".

After a few years, while he improved his skills, he became friends with gipsy Guitarist Charlie Ratzer, they played together in several groups in Vienna and took advantage of the unbelievable music pool, containing many talented musicians such as Peter Wolf, Harry Stojka, Kurt Hauenstein of Supermax, Andre Heller and many more.

007In the 80's, Rudi founded the Black Lagoon Studios in Vienna, which quickly became popular. In the following 10 years, he learned to expand his musical career as a studio musician and recording engineer. He worked as an arranger and producer with Tony O' Malley, Mel Collins, Neal Hubbard, Timna Brauer and Elias Meiri, Kurt Hauenstein of Supermax, Brad Howell – the Real Milli Vanilli, Latoya Jackson, Joseph Bowie, Alexander Swete and Reza Naifar, Michio Woirgardt, and MoRos y Cristianos, just to name just a few.

In 1992, Rudi, Kurt Hauenstein, and Brad Howell (The Real Milli Vanilli) produced the Supermax album, "The Max is Going to Kick You" at the Hotline Studios in Frankfurt. The same team produced the Supermax Reggae album, "One and All" at the Black Lagoon Studios in Vienna in 1993. Rudi played guitar and Co-Produced on both albums. He also joined the Supermax band to promote their new music. The group toured together in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. Rudi played guitar, keyboards, and was also featured on vocals in the group.

rudibiberIn 1999 right before the millennium, Rudi moved to South West Florida, to follow up his passion: The Blues. He honed his musical skills, by playing at the Blues Clubs of the Deep South together with the musicians of the area.

Come 2010, Rudi had moved back to Vienna, Austria to continue with his music career, and launched his successful Band, LOVEMACHINE, touring Europe for the next two years. By 2011 they recorded their first Live album " on the road again 2 " which was released on CD BABY by September 2011.

Rudi is back now with his latest Studio Album http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rudibiber3 " Do you remember "

I hope you will enjoy my music . Played by the heart RUDI BIBER

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